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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the process of creating visibility for an online entity based on key search terms. With most of today’s customers beginning their purchasing process by searching for products and services online it is more important than ever to ensure that your business has excellent online visibility. Most users in today’s internet landscape choose options that are on the very first page of search results on their chosen search engine.

But how do you achieve that coveted status of first page placement? With great SEO and branding. At Astute Image we will research, plan, and execute a custom SEO plan to create a larger digital footprint and increased visibility for your business online.

Search Engine Optimization Company

Research. Strategize. Execute

Competitive Research

Competitive Research

Your competition has first page visibility for a reason. The best way to win the battle is to know your enemy. That is why all of our campaigns begin with extensive competitive research and analysis. We will find:

-What key phrases are popular in your market. What are people actually searching for.

-What local listings does your competition hold and where are they lacking?

-Competition shortcomings and how to exploit them.

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization

A successful Optimization campaign begins with your website. Optimizing your content and organizing your site properly so that search engines can scan your site properly is critical for a success online. Astute Image will ensure that your site is set up to truly blossom online.

-Unique and Engaging Content

-Ease of Navigation

-Conversion Elements

Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization

Your business’s reputation online goes far beyond your website. Off page optimization focuses on building your digital footprint in the internet marketplace. We will nurture top of mind awareness of your brand and promote your business throughout the internet in places such as:

-Local Listings like Google Places, Bing Local, and Yahoo Local

-Directory Listings like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and City Search

-Social Directories like Delicious and Four Square

Campaign Reporting


No campaign is complete without reporting. We share all items of work completed along with traffic and ranking reports. Together each month we will review:

-Google Analytics Report to review traffic to your website.

-SERP Ranking Report. Find out where you rank for key search terms.

-Campaign Elements completed and brainstorm for campaign improvement (i.e. new linking opportunities)

Paid Advertising. Give Your Business First Page Visibility Overnight!

Competitive Research

Research and Planning

Using tools provided directly from Google like the AdWords Keyword Planner, we will research your target market area and find out what your target audience is actually searching for. Then we will plan and test a robust campaign targeting key search phrases. We can tailor your campaign to generate the kind of traffic you want based on:

-Age and Gender

-Geo Targeting and location filtering

-Type of Device being used and even time of day.

On Page Optimization

Ad and Landing Page Creation

Getting the most out of your ad campaign requires great ad copy and correct ad landing pages. No customer wants to click on an ad for TV’s on sale and land on your about page. They want to see the product! For each campaign we will create unique ads to market your products and services and make sure traffic from those ads are directed to the appropriate pages of your website

Off Page Optimization

Campaign Optimization

Once your campaign is built and running we will continue to analyze the results and optimize the campaign to take full advantage of your ad spend to produce the most results. We will continue to increase the quality score of your ads and to make sure that we are targeting the best keyword phrase combinations to provide the best targeted traffic to your site.

Campaign Reporting


Just like with an SEO campaign reporting is essential to gauging the effectiveness of your PPC campaign. Each month we will review the results of your paid ad campaign and plan for the next month. Once we are able to see how your initial campaign performs we can tweak the minor details to turn your ad campaign into a real revenue generation platform and optimize for conversion.

Online Marketing Strategies

In today’s internet marketplace there are many ways to drive targeted traffic to your business. We talked about a few of these options above but there are many others to explore. Give us a call to discuss some of the other search marketing platforms available to you. At Astute Image we have experience with many different platforms and look forward to creating a blended attack to allow your business to truly blossom online.

Google AdWords
Facebook Advertising
Google Retargeting
Google Display Network
Bing Ads



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