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Social Media Marketing Company

Social Media Marketing Company

Get On Your Soap Box & Reach Your Target Audience

There are over 2.8 Billion Social Media Profiles Worldwide! Facebook alone holds 1.2 Billion of those profiles. Utilizing social media to get your Brand, Message or Cause out there is necessary. It has never been easier to pick you target demographic and go right after them. We will provide you the “know how” in order to do so.

Increase Your ROI

Internet and American Life Project, a Washington, D.C.,-based nonprofit released a report that took stock of the year in social media and the findings show that we’re all, unsurprisingly, connecting with each other online in a big way, with 73 percent of “online adults” using social media. The numbers are there, you just need the guidance on how to reach them. That’s where we come in!

What We Offer

Astute Image can provide you with the tools and training to reach your target demographic, from the exact zip code, all the way down to the age, gender & sex of your target demographic. We build interactive social media pages that can be composed of contest, daily specials, interactive apps, campaign management & much more! We bring years of experience, proven results & Social Media Management capabilities to ensure you and your company an effective Social Media Strategy.

Online Marketing Strategies

In today’s internet marketplace there are many ways to drive targeted traffic to your business. We talked about a few of these options above but there are many others to explore. Give us a call to discuss some of the other search marketing platforms available to you. At Astute Image we have experience with many different platforms and look forward to creating a blended attack to allow your business to truly blossom online.

Google AdWords
Facebook Advertising
Google Retargeting
Google Display Network
Bing Ads



Solutions for Every Type of Business

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Sell more homes than ever.

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Promote your venue online.

Small Business

Put your small business on the map today!

Hair and Spa

Expose your talents to the online marketplace.

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